Books and Training

The products and services below have been created to distil the lessons and experiences from my own divorce in 2006, and the experiences of other members of the Divorced Lifestyle Design community who are at various stages in the process of divorce or separation.

They range from full E-Books that are compatible with Amazon Kindle and other major e-readers through to online digital training courses and membership to the Divorced Lifestyle Design Membership Site (which pretty much gives you access to all our training and support materials)

Whichever products you try, I'd be delighted to hear how you get on with them and am always keen to receive suggestions for areas of divorce that you'd appreciate help with.



eBook Download (Kindle and PDF formats included) - £5.97

This book helps those divorcing to tackle the uncertainty, brings order to the chaos and offers hope that the process will not last indefinitely. The 90-Day Playbook for Thriving After Divorce presents a concise, practical and effective model for focussing efforts, ensuring progress and minimizing distraction and disruption. Treating divorce recovery as a series of 90-day chunks allows meaningful and actionable goals to be set and then achieved, helping the process to pass as painlessly and as quickly as possible. It limits the uncertainty around how long it will take to feel better and focuses attentions instead upon actions and decisions that help design and build a new and ideal life rather than fixing and salvaging from the old life.

This book covers the subjects that typically occupy most time and cause the greatest challenge for those who are divorcing. It outlines the difficulties that many face and then provides the plays, tactics and actions that the author and others have used to deal with these quickly and effectively in their divorces. Taking this approach assists in establishing a new and better life; a life of THRIVING, not just surviving. 

This product is a digital download that will be sent by email to you at completion of purchase, including both .mobi and .pdf formats which are compatible with Amazon Kindle and all major E-Readers. The .mobi format includes rich content navigation on Amazon Kindle.

eBook Download (Kindle and PDF formats included) - £4.97

This book offers a personal account of the experiences, challenges and lessons learned by the author, a single-father to two daughters in the period following the break-up of his marriage and in the 10+ years since, with a focus on how a shared / co-parenting arrangement can successfully be established between divorced or separated parents to maximise the happiness of the children based on his experience of doing so. Whilst challenges exist in establishing the arrangement and in its ongoing management due to the somewhat unusual 'family' structure, it can be made to work extremely successfully for the benefit of the children first and foremost, but also for the parents too.

eBook Download (Kindle and PDF formats included) - £3.97

This is a condensed workbook and reference book targeted at those who are undergoing separation or divorce (or who are recently divorced) and who are contemplating an alternative means of raising their kids with their ex-partner; shared or co-parenting. The workbook outlines the key considerations that need to be made, and then leads the reader through a series of questions, considerations and exercises intended to help them decide if shared-parenting will work for them and their kids in future.

Special Rate of £1 for 7-Day Trial followed by discounted monthly membership of £29.97 (normally £39.97)

The Divorced Lifestyle Design Membership Site brings together a range of highly practical and insightful tools. The digital training courses include video and audio content, downloadable workbooks and reference documents. 

Topics covered include: communication, parenting, dating after divorce, dealing with the feelings and emotions, strategies for personal growth, handling relationships with others, managing our career, financial management and many others.

Special Discounted Rate: £112.20 (normally £149.97)

A course of 12 digital lessons that covering the considerations when setting up and then in maintaining Co-parenting after divorce. The course covers helps you to understand what is involved in making it work and then outlines critical success factors and Golden Rules for achieving the enormous benefits for parents and kids alike.

Content is delivered by video, audio and written transcripts of each lesson. Downloadable workbooks are also provided to allow you to complete activities and exercises as you evaluate and learn more about Co-parenting and determine